Who Has a Girlfriend in Shinhwa?

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The year is just around the corner, and everyone is looking forward to January 1st, , except for a few celebrities who may have a secret love. Each year, Korean news agency Dispatch celebrates the new year by revealing new celebrity couples to the public. Here is the list of couples who have been exposed by Dispatch on the new year. The two got married on January 19th of

But when that relationship didn’t last onto marriage, I think back and regret my decision.” Eric was the first person to reveal his girlfriend to the.

The newest idol couple to crush the dreams of fans everywhere, you ask? Jun-jin is rumored to use a picture of himself and his ladyfriend as his ID picture for the popular mobile chatting app KakaoTalk. Cute much? News of a new couple nearly always causes a stir, and not usually a good one. SPICA has been active for less than a year, while Shinhwa is a seasoned, legendary idol group with over a decade of experience in the biz. To say that the two are an unlikely pairing is perhaps an understatement; it would probably be difficult to find two celebrities in such different stages of their careers in a relationship anywhere else in the K-entertainment industry.

So why did Jun-jin and Joo-hyun go public when they did? Most likely we will never know the truth. But maybe now we know a bit more about why idol couples would like to keep their mouths shut about their relationship for as long as possible. Editors’ Picks. Popular Tags:.

Andy Lee Opens Up About Shinhwa Members’ Marriage Prospect

The two met through mutual acquaintances and had a …. Back in September, the two went public with their relationship. After dating about ten months Shinhwa is a six member boy band. It is the longest-running boy band in the history of K-pop in South Korea.

Other than his relationship with Taeyeon, Baekhyun has never reported a relationship with anyone else. Although in the past, he has said his.

Launched by SM Entertainment on March 24, , the group signed with Good Entertainment in before creating their Shinhwa Company to manage their career as a band. The band struggled initially with their first album before finding commercial success with their sophomore album T. April When their contract with SM Entertainment expired in July , all six members signed with Good Entertainment and assumed creative control with the release of Brand New August That same year, members began to pursue individual careers.

After a four-year hiatus due to majority of the members completing their mandatory military service , the sextet established the Shinhwa Company to facilitate their group career.

SM Entertainment Profile: History, Artists, and Facts

Web site: —. Label V : WayV. Are you a fan of SM Entertainment and its artists?

About SM Entertainment The History of SHINHWA’s Relationship with Entertainment Companies: ALL ABOUT SHINHWA COMPANY Original.

Not wearing a mask is not an option Part 2. Masks hold images of pandemic, Hong Kong protests. Life goes on amid coronavirus pandemic Part 8. Comet Neowise in the sky. It won’t be back for 6, years. The cast and crew have been striving to counter the scandal’s effect on the program, but Jung has literally “stolen” the spotlight.

Jung had to fly back to Korea for the police investigation while working on the show in the U. He allegedly filmed himself having sex with women and distributed the videos through online chatrooms where several K-pop stars were members. He was arrested in March. Jung was a hot-topic issue during the program’s promotional event on Tuesday at the Kensington Hotel in Seoul.

But the first question to Lee was about Jung’s cell phone. In the U. The five stars of the third season of tvN’s cooking reality show “4 Wheeled Restaurant” during the press event Tuesday at the Kensington Hotel, Seoul.

Who is Lee Min-woo Dating Now?

The pair were first swept up in dating rumors in , but both sides denied this at the time. Fans had speculated the two were in a relationship even after denying the rumors back in Now that news had come up again, Eric has confirmed that he is dating Na Hye Mi and asks for warm support towards them. Source: Korea Daily. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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Shinhwa (Korean: 신화; Hanja: 神話) is a South Korean six-member boy band based in Seoul, Shinhwa made history in the Korean music industry by becoming the longest-running Korean boy band with Beast, Miss A, Secret (​); Apink, B1A4, Dal Shabet, Boyfriend, Huh Gak (); Exo, Juniel, B.A.P, Ailee, Lee Hi.

Yesterday, May 14, the member of the legendary Korean boy group shared a handwritten letter addressed to his fans after news agency SPOTV published a report about his relationship status. Unfortunately, I learned that the great news I’m about to tell you was revealed through an article. Fortunately, that dream has now become a reality.

I am certain that I can undergo any hardship with this person by my side who has always given me strength with her positive and bright energy. I will work hard in order to live a good life without disappointing you all. To all the Shinhwa Changjo who have showered me with their love for so long, thank you very much. I will work harder at promoting with a smile so that I can approach you all with an even better image. I will always love you. Thank you Shinhwa Changjo sincerely for all of your support.

According to reports, Jun Jin’s fiancee works as a flight attendant and the two have been dating for a long time. They were originally launched by SM Entertainment on March 24, , transferring to Good Entertainment in , before forming their own management Shinhwa Company. Congratulations, Jun Jin!

Shinhwa’s Eric admits he had lot of girlfriends

Shinhwa member Kim Dongwan 32 and the actor Kim Dongwan are two different people altogether. This year, my goal is to complete the outline of the actor Kim Dongwan. How did you come to the decision to work on those projects? A: I chanced upon these two projects after I completed my military service and had a thirst for acting.

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Shinhwa is a six member boy band. It is the longest-running boy band in the history of K-pop in South Korea. They changed their name to ShinCom Entertainment in then regain the previous name in Shinhwa made many success and achievements. Eric is very much dedicated to his work, and though he had been close to many girls, it was only for his drama shows. There were rumors in about his relationship with Seo Hyun due to their intimate scenes in a drama.

Seo Hyun explained to the public that she thinks of Eric as a good human being and denied about the rumors as well. She added that he is very determined and passionate about acting. This shows his seriousness to work, which he always placed first before relationships.

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